Monthly Archives: May 2010

Game engines resources update.

Found one useful link related to graphics acceleration in Symbian devices.
Just to my surprise came to know that Nokia 6630 was the first device to have 3D API’s. That is one more first apart from the megapixel camera it sports.

Also got one more link which details the CPU information of the leading smartphones.
Apart from the core the iPhone is a beast in terms of RAM. So comparison with low resourced Symbian devices is a bit unfair.

Getting organized.

I have been too much unorganized for too long now. This has left me wasting such important time without achieving anything till now. So am moving on to leading a more organized and planned lifestyle. LifeHacker has some great tips and am gonna use them.
So am making a Symbian application which will be useful in planning things and am gonna call it TaskWerks.

Task for tomorrow : Post more details about the TaskWerks.