Monthly Archives: April 2014

Understanding Unicode and converting it to code points.

I had to make a patch to convert Unicode chars to code points and it turned
out to be a fun exercise.Here are the links which helped me in
understanding Unicode and its conversion algo.

Online discussions related to browser performance.

I was checking online discussions related to browser performance improvement and throttling. Found quite a few of them. Following is the list of the same.It’s a list of bug reports and articles discussing tips to improve page rendering performance.

Browser performance optimisation is all about removing limits ;).

DOM Timer interval related links.

DOM timers are the pistons of the web engine. Firing again and again to keep the engine purring on. These can be the source of some major optimisations. How is the topic to be discussed some other day. Here are two links related to DOM timers. They may seem abstract but have a ton of information in them.