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The “quick-sort” adventure & some great links to learn it.

Recently I had to figure out the workings of quick sort,one the fastest and easiest sorts to implement. There is a heap load of tutorials about quick sort apart from the videos demonstrations and animations showing the inner workings of quick sort. Before I link to the resources which I found helpful in learning quick sort, here is my implementation of quick sort in C.
int partition_data(int* data, int low, int high)
if(low > high)
return -1;

int down = low;
int up = high;
//just assume and take the first element as the pivot value and index
int pivot = low ;
int pivot_element = data[pivot];

while(down < up){ //keep moving down till the you find an element whose value is greater than the pivot element. //this element should be on the right side of the pivot element while(data[down] <= pivot_element && down < high) down++; //keep moving up till you find an element which is smaller than the pivot element. // this element should be on the left side of the pivot element. while(data[up] > pivot_element && up > low)

//swap the elements
if(down < up){ swap(data[down], data[up]); } } //swap the pivot and the up element data , placing the pivot in its correct position swap(data[pivot], data[up]); //extra step just for the sake of clarity pivot = up; return pivot; } void qik_sort(int *data, int low, int high) { if(high > low){
int pivot = partition_data(data, low, high);
print_data(data, 10);
//sort the low -> pivot array
qik_sort(data, low, pivot – 1);
//sort the pivot -> high array
qik_sort(data, pivot + 1, high);

The version is a bit more documented than the ones you would generally find online. Also I assume my notes here will help me in recollecting quick sort in the future(This time it took me 3 days to figure it out).

Some helpful resources for learning quick sort are as follows:

  • – The example given makes it worth a read.

  • – One of the most easy to understand explanations of quick sort.

  • – Great analysis and great resource to getting more out of the simple quick sort.

  • – Mandatory links

  • – Mandatory links