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Miracle of self discipline – audio book notes.

The following are the notes of my listening to the Miracle of Self discipline audio book by Brian Tracy.

Decision of clear thinking
think from all angles
sit for 30-60 mins with the problem
write down all points and think
think abt the assumptions made about the situation or the problem

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Hazards of Bengaluru – Mobile theft in BMTC’s Volvo.

I have shifted to Bengaluru in Feb 2011 and have been exposed to completely new environment. This IT city has its pros and cons. While the public infrastructure is way better than Pune. It has its own set of problems.

The most irritating is the total lack of bus-stop sheds throughout the city. There are different type of bus services. But all of them lack the sheds. So catching the bus can become a big task.

The other major problem is the mobile snatchers in the Volvo buses. I got a first hand experience of them with me losing the N8 in the Volvo bus. I could not even imagine that it was possible to steal the mobile from front pocket of a jeans. So for all commuters please be aware of the surroundings and keep track of belongings all the time. Traveling in the Volvo can make one a bit careless, like me.