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My first open source paid app on Nokia Store : Brahma – Screen capture “reinvented”.

After coding on & off for around 8 months I have finally published my first paid app on Nokia Store, Brahma. Brahma is my vision of a screen shot application. I was bored of seeing the setting item list layout of most screen capture applications. So me with my wife designed & coded Brahma. Brahma makes the regular task of taking screenshot more interesting and provides a new twist with some new options. The user experience has been optimized for Symbian^3 touch screens devices.
The application is paid but at the same time it is also open-source. So any one who purchases Brahma, can request the source-code. As the application is licensed under GPLv2, the purchaser is free to modify the code.
Brahma can be purchased from here.

Also Brahma is being offered at a special early-adopter price(for first 30 days) of just Rs. 10, that’s just a price of a cup of tea. So download it and let me know your feedback at the Brahma Support Forums.

Micromax VanGogh x450 looks very similar to LG Decoy!!!

A few days back I saw the TV campaigns for the new Micromax VanGogh  X450. The X450 sports a inbuilt Bluetooth headset, present on the backside of the device. This reminded me of something that I had seen earlier, but was not able to really recollect exactly. So after some google searches I got what looks like the original inspiration of the Micromax VanGogh, the LG Decoy!! I am not sure if the designers at LG wanted to give some premonition, but the name is very unsettling. The Decoy was released in 2008 and was a slider as against the 2011 mono block  design of the VanGogh. The design of the VanGogh is quite streamlined and seems more classy and its even dual-sim like all other Micromax offerings.

Here are some images for comparison.

LG Decoy in blue vs. Micromax VanGogh in yellow

LG Decoy in blue vs. Micromax VanGogh in yellow

More information about the LG Decoy : #1, #2.

Specification of the MicromaxVanGogh  X450.

Image Courtesy : &

Nokia N9 : Meego slab with HW Design awesomeness & sleek UI.

Nokia N9 has been announced. The 3.9″ AMOLED Gorilla glass is packed in an awesome design. Nokia’s design capabilities are peaking at the right time. This is the first Meego device and sports the swipe based UI. The package is tempting and if Nokia gets the pricing right, this device can surely kick some butt.

Check the video, am sure you will be impressed.

Check these links:
1. Nokia Developer N9 news.
2. N9 Detailed Specification.
3. Check N9 availability in your area. Update : India is not listed :(.