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Online discussions related to browser performance.

I was checking online discussions related to browser performance improvement and throttling. Found quite a few of them. Following is the list of the same.It’s a list of bug reports and articles discussing tips to improve page rendering performance.

Browser performance optimisation is all about removing limits ;).

DOM Timer interval related links.

DOM timers are the pistons of the web engine. Firing again and again to keep the engine purring on. These can be the source of some major optimisations. How is the topic to be discussed some other day. Here are two links related to DOM timers. They may seem abstract but have a ton of information in them. : The best online timer.

I use regularly as my egg timer. This site follows google style of minimal interface with just enough options to get you going. home page home page

The most innovative feature is having special timers. Timers like the Pomodoro timer(set by is a very thoughtful addition. I hope they add more such special timers.
The use of the URL or the address to set the countdown timer is also cool. It may not be so intuitive to the layman, but still makes great feature and is a unique use of the url/address bar.
So visit and start using it.

Movie Impressions: Thor

Saw at PVR Cinemas, Forum Mall, Kormangala

Ticket price : Rs. 180

3D/2D : 2D

What works?
The CG is really pretty. Especially the scenes where Thor’s home world of Asgard is shown. It’s visually striking and the most memorable part of the movie was in Asgard only.
The casting works as well. All the girls in the theater were drooling over Chris Hemsworth. Anthony Hopkins had a small role and his eye patch look was nice.Natalie Portman has a small role, nothing much to write.

What doesn’t work?
The whole execution of Thor being exiled from Asgard and him learning all about humility and humanity in one single night just by interacting with 3-4 humans is too shaky.
How would the meaning of being humble be ever understood by a person who has been arrogant for quite some time. Anyways the second half turns out to be okey-dokey.

Is it worth the theater trip?
Yes, the beauty of Thor’s Home world can only be appreciated on the big screen. The detail will be evident in theaters only.

Lifewerks gets going.

Hi All,

This is the first post of I would be posting about some of the stuff as it happens. Things which are mundane or exciting but have nothing to do with the other topics being My first post on things to be wary of in Bengaluru is underway and will be completed soon.

All kinds of feedback welcome.

Hello, from!!

Welcome to my own domain of

I have moved from and have setup the codekata blog here at The setup is still underway. The awesome theme is not really for coding blogs, so it needs to be tweaked a bit. This will take time, but as the progress has been till now I am assuming that things will be set and I would be back to blogging soon.