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Source code of various webkit based mobile browsers.

Now that there are so many mobile browsers based on Webkit, it makes sense to check the various implementations and designs used by them.AFAIK Nokia and Samsung have open-source’d their code. So here are the links.



I would update this post if some other device manufacturer’s also publish their code as well. If you have any other interesting links that should be updated, please do contact me.

VS2005 we need “Prompt before rebuild”.

Webkit is not a small project by any means. And it takes a cool 30-45 mins for a complete rebuild on a 2GHz, 1GB RAM PC to complete.

Now just imagine this, you have a critical feature to deliver and you have just enthusiastically coded it and want to see it running. Now you have to build it first, and being a faithful mouse user, you right click on the project and just in the heat of the moment instead of selecting the “Build” option, your hand slips a few pixels lower and clicks on the “Rebuild” option. 🙁 And so there go a full 30 mins of your valuable time.

This used to happen to me like once in a week and especially during the critical deadlines.Well I have not found any option in VS2005, where we can set to “Prompt before rebuild”.

But I have learnt to use the keyboard option to build and that has saved me some trouble. 😉

Fixing the “‘CSSValue’ : redefinition ” issue

Developing for Webkit can be a big headache. The sheer size & complexity of the architecture is mind boggling.
We were facing this error and just could find any way to fix it.

d:XXXWebCoreDerivedSourcesCSSValueKeywords.h(28) : see declaration of ‘CSSValue’
d:XXXWebCoreDerivedSourcesCSSValueKeywords.h(286) : error C2370: ‘CSSValue’ : redefinition; different storage class

The one solution mentioned in the code is to get the full code and do a rebuild :).
But we found out that the problem lies in If there are any empty lines in that file then it would generate duplicate CSSValue variables.
So just remove all those empty lines from and do a rebuild and the problem should be solved.