Nokia N9 : Meego slab with HW Design awesomeness & sleek UI.

Nokia N9 has been announced. The 3.9″ AMOLED Gorilla glass is packed in an awesome design. Nokia’s design capabilities are peaking at the right time. This is the first Meego device and sports the swipe based UI. The package is tempting and if Nokia gets the pricing right, this device can surely kick some butt.

Check the video, am sure you will be impressed.

Check these links:
1. Nokia Developer N9 news.
2. N9 Detailed Specification.
3. Check N9 availability in your area. Update : India is not listed :(.

Movie Impressions: Kungfu Panda 2

Saw at Innovative Multiplex, Marathahalli

Ticket price : Rs. 100

3D/2D : 2D

What works?
As usual the animation is amazing. The detail in that goes in the each scene is really amazing. In the first installment if view of “Birth Place of Kungfu” was breath-taking with its colorful landscape, in Kungfu Panda2 (KP2), the view of the Gongmen City is truly mesmerizing. Dreamworks Animation knows it art well. And I am sure this time as well the people of China will like KP2 as well.
As for the story,the second installment stand on its own. My friend who had not seen the first part was able to thoroughly enjoy just about everything in KP2.

Gorgeous Gongmen City.

What doesn’t work?
Some of the jokes are not funny. Also the extended bout of self-doubt that Po faces is boring. Also while in the first part it was the quality of the villian that made the final fight scene epic, this time it is compensated with quantity. Lord Shen is more of a negative character,more like a placeholder, rather than a formidable enemy for Po.The endless stream of minions just fill the screen and provide Po and other warriors with Kung-fu fodder. The fighting and chase scenes took an eternity to culminate each time.

The intellectual anchor of the first part,Master Oogway is missed in this part. Master Shifu cannot replace Oogway’s serene persona.

Oogway : The Spiritual Anchor is missed.

The Furious Five get more importance this time, but with the addition of more characters, they seem to be lost in the character-scape.

Is it worth the theater trip?
If you ask me, NO. If you ask my friend who had not seen the first part , YES.

Image Credit : Kungfu panda wiki.

Windows XP slowdown due to Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.


There is a very peculiar problem of Windows XP getting slowed down nearly to a halt, particularly on laptops. The OS becomes unresponsive during boot and the only way to get back to normal speed is to remove the laptop battery. But the whole solution of removing the laptop battery is a big fail. It totally undoes the whole purpose of the laptop.

Alternative Solution

If removing the battery is not done for you, then the other solution is to disable the “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery“. To disable it, follows these steps:

  • Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Properties”.
  • Select the “Hardware” Tab. In this tab select the “Device Manager”.
  • In the “Device Manager”, under the Battery Node, there will be two batteries listed.
  • Now right-click on “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” and select the “Disable” option.

Solution side-effects

With the above mentioned steps normal operation can be resumed, but it has a side-effect. Now there is no way of knowing the battery information in anyway. Rather in my case, the laptop was shown running on AC power always, when it was clearly running on the battery. This can be disconcerting as there is no way to know how much juice the battery has left, no low power notifications, nothing.

The above is the screenshot of a third party application,BatteryBar, failing to detect any battery in my laptop.
The biggest problem is that there has been no update to this driver from MS since 2001. So there is no way that updating the driver of the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery component would fix this issue.

C++0x is ready to rule.

In March 2011, a star was born and no one noticed. Atleast, the interpreted types did not. 🙂

The C++0x standard is approved and soon we will see compilers shouting from the top of their roofs that they support C++0x.

I am still reading about it, so here is the link dump of the most important C++0x links:

Also, there is one video which sums up C++0x quite well: : The best online timer.

I use regularly as my egg timer. This site follows google style of minimal interface with just enough options to get you going. home page home page

The most innovative feature is having special timers. Timers like the Pomodoro timer(set by is a very thoughtful addition. I hope they add more such special timers.
The use of the URL or the address to set the countdown timer is also cool. It may not be so intuitive to the layman, but still makes great feature and is a unique use of the url/address bar.
So visit and start using it.

Movie Impressions: Thor

Saw at PVR Cinemas, Forum Mall, Kormangala

Ticket price : Rs. 180

3D/2D : 2D

What works?
The CG is really pretty. Especially the scenes where Thor’s home world of Asgard is shown. It’s visually striking and the most memorable part of the movie was in Asgard only.
The casting works as well. All the girls in the theater were drooling over Chris Hemsworth. Anthony Hopkins had a small role and his eye patch look was nice.Natalie Portman has a small role, nothing much to write.

What doesn’t work?
The whole execution of Thor being exiled from Asgard and him learning all about humility and humanity in one single night just by interacting with 3-4 humans is too shaky.
How would the meaning of being humble be ever understood by a person who has been arrogant for quite some time. Anyways the second half turns out to be okey-dokey.

Is it worth the theater trip?
Yes, the beauty of Thor’s Home world can only be appreciated on the big screen. The detail will be evident in theaters only.

NASA is SENDing YOUR NAME TO MARS : Me & my wife sent them.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL) has a Mars Science Laboratory(MSL) which has a unique project underway.Under the Send Your Name to Mars project they are taking names from world over. Those names will be taken in microchip put on the Mars Rover enroute to Mars in 2011.

Me and my wife have added our names already.

My Wife's Certificate.My Certificate.

There is a country wise participation list as well. As of 03 June 2011, US seems to lead the list with India coming in at third. I hope the participation from India keeps on increasing.

If you are interested then head immediately to the MSL site as the project closes on June 13th 2011.