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Finding rented accomodation in Bengaluru.

Moving to Bengaluru has been a mixed experience. A few weeks before the final shift to Bangalore the great search for an apartment was kicked off. It took us nearly 4 weeks of finalise the place. In this process we nearly saw around 30 flats and independent houses before finalizing on one. So here are some main points to keep in mind while finding a rented accomodation place in Bangalore.

Where to start?
The various places where you can find rent listings are as follows:

  • Message boards/ Forums in IT companies :┬áIf you are moving to Bengaluru, and if you have some friends here in IT companies then you can ask them to find such postings on the company internal forums as well.
  • Sites like magicbrick.com, 99acres.com : Best place to find owner posted ads.
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