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Font for programmers.

Programming fonts trigger as passionate debate as sometimes politics or religion do. Every programmer has his/her favorite font,but mostly the monotype small fonts rule programmers heart.
The clarity of such fonts is very important. Here is some information about some programmer fonts that I have collected over the past few weeks.

Dina rules!!
My favorite, which seems to be favorite among quite some programmers, is the Dina font. The clarity is amazing and the width saving fits more code into the screen. Just google for Dina and you can find many posts about how Dina has made their programming life easy :). While making the programming life easy is more of a psychological thing, but one thing is clear that Dina makes code easy to read on the screen.
Here is a sample of Dina in action in Carbide.c++.

Dina in action.

Dina in action.

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